Twenty Eight Days Fitness Challenge

12th October- 09th November

Improve your Health

Free 28 Day Transformation Challenge

If you:

✔️Live or work near brookvale?

✔️Are able to train Monday to Friday at 7am for 45 minutos?

✔️Want to change your life?

✔️Want to loose 3kg to 5kg?

✔️Want to feel stronger and motivated ?

✔️Going to be able to follow a flexible nutrition plan that make you loose fat and gain lean muscle?

✔️Willing to commit to 5 sessions per week for 4 weeks with a experienced Personal Trainer?

✔️Keen to have a experienced trainer helping you achieve your goals?

If you can see your self matching the above questions, and willing to push hard to reach your goals! Then you fit the criteria to join our 28 day transformation totally free. Including a total ultimate body scan, 4 weeks gym membership and 5 x 45min Group session per week, Limited spots! click on the button below to register to get more information.

Terms & Conditions: You gonna have 12hs to cancel the class otherwise we are going to charge you $10 Not Showing Fee per missed class. If you cancel more than three sessions you will be charged AU$50.00.