• Cert II In sports coaching
    • Cert I Boxing Coach

      Areas of expertise

    • Boxing coach
    • Self-defense
    • Flexibility and mobility
    • Sports strength and conditioning

      Work experience and background

    • 2019 NSW Boxing champion
    • 2021 Act Boxing champion
    • 8 yrs Boxing experience
    • Elite level amateur boxer


      “To achieve perfection is impossible, but the pursuit is what drives us to be better the obtainment is secondary, the journey is more important than the destination. Embrace the journey.”


      Luiz struggled as a teenager and adolescent with body image, confidence and discipline it is when he found boxing his life would change. He threw himself into the deep end fighting kids much older than him in boxing fights and competitions winning regional tournaments and competitions.

      As he progressed through his boxing he implemented strength and conditioning sessions and mobility and flexibility sessions to improve his fitness. Through his studies of fitness he wanted to teach others, coach and transform others as he had transformed himself.